Major Banks Settle $499 Million Stock Lending Antitrust Lawsuit


Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, and UBS have agreed to pay a substantial $499 million settlement to resolve an antitrust lawsuit filed by investors. The investors alleged that these banks colluded to suppress competition within the stock lending market, resulting in stifled market dynamics and inflated fees.

Settlement Details Unveiled:

In a recent development, a disclosure in Manhattan federal court on Wednesday revealed that the four financial giants have collectively agreed to the $499 million settlement. However, the settlement remains contingent on the approval of a judge. It’s notable that the settlement also encompasses EquiLend, a collaborative project involving the defendants.

Progressive Resolutions:

This settlement marks a significant stride in resolving the antitrust lawsuit, adding to the momentum generated by previous settlements. Investors have already secured $580 million in settlements from five banks involved in the lawsuit. Notably, in February 2022, Credit Suisse, acquired by UBS in June of the same year, reached an $81 million settlement.

Unified Cooperation:

A notable facet of this settlement is the commitment by the accused banks to collaborate in the ongoing legal proceedings involving the remaining defendant, Bank of America. This stance reflects a unified approach among the financial institutions involved in the case.

Responses and Reactions:

While spokespersons for Bank of America and UBS have chosen not to comment on the settlement, the other banks involved have yet to respond to requests for their statements. This silence raises questions about their perspective on the settlement and its implications.

Conspiracy Allegations and Market Impact:

Investors initially lodged allegations against the banks, asserting that a coordinated effort had been underway since 2009 to deliberately hinder the advancement of the stock lending market. This alleged collusion aimed to thwart competition by boycotting emerging startup platforms. Investors argued that the banks utilized their influential positions on EquiLend’s board to maintain a stranglehold on the market, thereby enabling them to levy excessive fees on investors.

Lawsuit Timeline:

The origins of this lawsuit trace back to August 2017 when the investors first initiated legal action. Over the years, the case has evolved, leading to a series of settlements that have shed light on the alleged anti-competitive practices within the stock lending sector.


The substantial $499 million settlement by Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, and UBS underscores the gravity of the antitrust lawsuit and its potential implications for the financial industry. As legal proceedings continue and with the involvement of major players in the banking sector, the outcome of this case could potentially reshape the dynamics of competition within the stock lending market.