Why Did God1va Become the Coach for MAD Team Esports?

Why Did God1va Become the Coach for MAD Team Esports?

Hello, Mobile Legends fans! The good news is that God1va is back up and running. Those of you who remember him as the roamer on the TV show AURA Fire are in for a nice treat. After being away from the MPL ID for a season, he is back as a guide! God1va chose to become a teacher for MAD Team Esports. And then, now we are going to look into why so.

New Beginnings as a Coach

In a press conference that took place on Saturday, January 20th, in Bekasi, MAD Team made the formal announcement that God1va will be serving as their coach. God1va is getting ready to go on a new journey in the National Esports League (LEN) in the year 2024, and the founders of the team, Rangga Dirgantara and Okan Kornalius, joined them in this endeavour.

Why Coach, Not Player?

During the press conference, God1va shared why he made the switch from being a player to a coach. Interestingly, he mentioned that he still has the skills to be a player. But here’s the twist – when asked if MAD Team would have a better chance of winning with him as a player, God1va explained that the competition in the National Esports League is tough. And then, the players are of high quality, making it a challenging field.

However, God1va sees this as an opportunity to prove himself as a top-notch coach. If he succeeds with MAD Team, who knows? And then, maybe he’ll make a comeback to MPL ID, but this time as a coach!

MAD Team’s Past Success

Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane. In 2023, MAD Team participated in the LEN competition, starting from Liga 3. They fought hard and earned a promotion to Liga 2 after coming out on top in Group F. Even though they stumbled in the opening match against Tiger Wong Esports, they bounced back, defeating Cirebon Gaming and Bigetron Charlie to secure the first spot in the SLOT GACOR TERBARU standings.

Moving up to Liga 2, MAD Esports was so close to making it to Liga 1. However, MAD Team finished in the seventh position among 18 teams in the final standings, falling just 5 points short of breaking into the top 6 for promotion to Liga 1.

Looking Forward to LEN 2024

Now, with God1va as their coach, MAD Team is ready for another shot at glory in LEN 2024. And then, the team roster is expected to be announced soon, and the excitement is building up.

Get ready for some thrilling moments as MAD Team Esports, led by God1va, dives into the National Esports League. We can’t wait to see the journey unfold, and we’ll be here to keep you updated on all the exciting developments. Stay tuned, gaming enthusiasts!